sun2 Mission

View from the community center

To develop an ecovillage that gives priority to education and sustainable development based on respect for all living things.

Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire is located in the Great Northwoods region of New Hampshire, about 47 miles (75 km) north of Mt. Washington.

Group Harmony

  • Put into practice the educational guidelines developed by our founder, Micheal Deunov, parents, and educators in all services and businesses of the ecovillage
  • Maintain a harmonious environment by encouraging communication and friendly relationships among members
  • Maintain a fulfilling way of life in which different generations can enjoy working for the same ideal, inspired by ecovillage principles
  • Integrate a supportive social, cultural, and spiritual lifestyle with respect for others
  • Financial participation of everyone to our ecovillage development


  • Contribute to the economic development of our region and wider community, and to help this area become more sustainable
  • Practice organic farming and protect our land from chemical fertilizers, etc.
  • Promote “responsible” products and services, based on sustainable development
  • Usa at least 70% of sustainable energy sources for power and heat in our buildings


Although there are still many things we want to do and improve, we feel that we had to start by creating a strong consensus among us, and a sense of belonging. We feel confident that, because we are united, it is only a matter of time before our goals are achieved. Even though our community may struggle to maintain and harmonious environment, the positive side to this is that we are forced to find creative ways to overcome difficulties, while at the same time taking care of everyone, our environment and our local community without sacrificing our ideals. These are perfect conditions for spiritual evolution!

Community dinner: musical presentation from our kids and interns


Because of global warming and other environmental problems, we believe that Nature will force us to evolve more consciously. In the very near future, we might experience drastic changes due to dangerous consequences of our society’s comfortable way of life and over-consumption. By simple living and high thinking, we try to prepare ourselves for something else: a green, peaceful, supportive, democratic way of life. We are working on it full time!