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Since the beginning of Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire in 2003, six businesses have been started, creating over 30 new jobs for both residents and local community members.

  1. Kheops International, distributor of meaningful New Age gifts
  2. Smart Energy of New England, providing renewable energy solutions on the East Coast
  3. New Earth Organic Farm, growing a variety of organic vegetables for the local community
  4. Eat, Laugh and Heal, offering service of health coach and sales of natural products
  5. Patrick’s Recycling, giving new life to pallets, large plastic containers, and more
  6. Cite Ecologique Learning Center, offering sustainability learning programs, internships and workshops

Kheops International, Inc.
The Source for Meaningful Gifts
(603) 237-4702

The Kheops team in USA

Photo-Kheops 2016 web

For almost 20 years now, Kheops International has been serving the mind, body & spirit marketplace with meaningful gifts. The company imports and distributes worldwide a wide range of gifts promoting well-being, consciousness, ethics, spirituality and environmental awareness.

Kheops is constantly evolving and always seeking to improve and research its products and related information in order to help the public better understand their true meaning and symbolism. These products are meant to help people along their journey towards inner wellness and self-improvement.

The company’s priority is to steadily increase its supply of ethical products that have been manufactured using safe and environmentally sound methods, while providing the highest care for the health and dignity of its workers. In this way we hope to ensure that our business and its employees work with the highest positive energy possible.

Smart Energy of New England
Sustainable Energy
David Belanger, (603) 915-1507


A solar and wind powered home in Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire

smart-energy-logoThis company started its operations in 2006. With a total of 40 years of industry experience between its two partners, Smart Energy works to reduce nonrenewable energy dependency and selling environmentally friendly energy systems using energy from the sun and wind.

Through a growing array of proprietary technologies, as well as partnerships with many of the world’s leading component suppliers, Smart Energy of New England offers innovative products that:

  • Reduce nonrenewable energy use or completely replace on-grid energy use,
  • Use renewable energy dependably year-round with little or no maintenance.

The products that are sold or installed by the company are engineered to handle harsh climatic and environmental conditions. Through the years, hundreds of customers have benefited from highly efficient energy systems offering economical and green solutions for various applications.

New Earth Organic Farm
Organic Farming and Gardening
Pierre Miron, (603) 915-0760


New Earth Organic Farm started in 2008 with a vegetable garden of 1.2 acres. The farmland’s sunny
southern exposure, makes it possible to grow a wide variety of vegetables.


New Earth Organic Farm is a good example of a small scale but complete and sustainable organic farm. It is acknowledged, in the area, as a leader in eco-friendly practices and is known as a resources for people wanting to know more about organic growing. It provides healthy and fresh organic vegetables as well as eggs to the local restaurants and shops. New Earth Organic Farm also lends its support to the local community of Colebrook by donating vegetables to the food pantry.

The Farm is a member of the North Country Farmers Co-op. The Co-op provides Sales, Marketing, and Delivery services to the farmers who can focus on growing and raising food. For more information visit their facebook page: here

Maple syrup is produced from 300 maple trees using traditional methods, providing enjoyment all year long to our members with a sweet tooth.

Eat, Laugh & Heal
Service of health coach and sales of natural products
Catherine, (603) 331-2980



Patrick’s Recycling

Giving New Life to Reusable Materials
Patrick, (603) 915-0376


Patrick, a young businessman from La Cite Ecologique of New Hampshire, started his own recycling project in 2009. He works with other businesses in the area in order to give new life to reusable materials and products, such as large plastic containers, pallet skids, etc.