sun2 Community Life

Members from the ecovillage

Our members’ benefits include: job security, a school with high achievement and professional support, and multiple community services ( car pooling, group buying of organic and Fair Trade products, health care, recreational and sports activities, childcare, organic meals, celebration of holidays, summer camps, etc.).

Most of us consider ourselves an extended family; living together we find security, friendship, nonviolence, cooperation between generations, care for the elderly, and many other advantages.

More than anything else, we appreciate not having to drive through hours of city traffic everyday. We have the privilege to work in nature during our leisure time—whether planting trees, growing flowers, fruits or vegetables, or doing other outdoor activities on the land with our children.

Services offered to our members are organic meals, schooling, kindergarten, car pooling, building maintenance, haircuts, and more. Some other services like yoga and dance lessons are offered to the wider neighborhood community.

Young Adults


Young adults important in our community. They are greatly involved in our businesses and community services. They have the opportunity to build their own business based on their personal skills and interests. Various entrepreneurships are possible because they are supported by the businesses and people from the whole group. To stimulate creativity and leadership, different activities are organized, such as trips around the world to learn about different cultures, business internships, and exchanges with other communities. Green energy, music, art, clothing design… anything is possible!

Holiday Celebrations


Celebration of holidays like Christmas and Easter are prepared for with great enthusiasm. Celebrations for special events are prepared by the school and students. These events provide excellent occasions for children to perform their art and music, and to show their progress in science, knowledge of religions, apprenticeship of different cultures, etc. Summertime brings lots of joy with outdoor BBQs and musical activities.


Making Decisions

We have made decisions with different methods over the years, sometimes depending on the needs of the moment. The current administrative committees are formed by all individuals in charge of the different community services. Major decisions concerning the whole community are based on the votes of all adult members with majority-rules voting.