minilogoJoining La Cite Ecologique of NH

Why choose our Ecovillage

They are many intentional communities out there; the following is what distinguishes us from the others:

  • We have our own alternative school.
  • We don’t live on donations.
  • We are a young group of entrepreneurs who started businesses to provide jobs for our community members and for the people from the local community.
  • We benefit from 30 years of experience in Ecovillage development and community living.  This experience was gained through building and living in our prior generations first Ecovillage in Quebec, Canada.
  • Our community members average age is 36 years old



Things you should know

  • Our Ecovillage is for members who are hard workers, striving to live more sustainably in a rural area.
  • Our Ecovillage gives priority to education, the well-being of its members, sustainable development, and respect for all living things.
  • We do not follow a specific religion, but we all strive to respect nature, all religions and to live in harmony with one another. From our experience, it’s not possible to keep harmony without some spiritual growth and willingness to change.
  • We are all bi-lingual (English & French) Canadians who have become US Citizens.
  • Our facilities are not adequate for those with handicaps.
  • We do not provide health insurance.
  • We have a dress code: no jeans, for community meals clean clothing is required; men’s polo or shirt, women’s dresses or skirts, and no body piercing (except the ears).
  • Our property is a non-smoking area indoor and outdoor.
  • We promote and maintain a non-violence environment for our children. Any sign of violence, weapon bearing, verbal abuse or aggressive behavior, are a cause for immediate and automatic expulsion.
  • Illegal drugs are prohibited.



Steps for joining our community:


minilogoFirst Step

Come and visit us for a week or weekend. Please make sure to contact us at least two weeks in advance and download and complete the visit application form.




minilogoSecond Step

New potential members can come and visit our Ecovillage for three weeks or two stays of two weeks. This gives you time to see if you’re suitable for community living and for us to get to know you.  It’s very important for us to get to know you before you take further steps in joining the community. We want to make sure you understand and support our values, mission, purpose, and lifestyle.


During your visits you will participate in community meals and take part in community services. For parents who want to bring their children, we request that one parent stay with the children at all times. Depending of your child’s age, attitude and behavior they may be able to participate in our alternative school activities.


minilogoThird Step

After visiting Cite Ecologique of NH for weeks, you’ll have the opportunity to request to become a “provisional member” at one of our community meetings. If the members of La Cite Ecologique decide to accept you, you can start the process to move in. Depending on your skills and work experience, we might be able to find a job for you within the community businesses.  Three hours a week, per person, of volunteering work for the community is mandatory.


Provisional Member can be part of the following activities

  • Collective dinners
  • Parent meetings
  • Social events


minilogoFourth Step

If you have been a provisional member for at least one (1) year, you may ask to become a permanent member at the Members Annual meeting. The members may decide to grant your request or ask to renew your provisional membership for one more year.


Welcome in the Family and enjoy your new journey!


” Never  doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world; indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

_Margaret Mead_